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Favorite Holiday Dog Treat Recipes

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Favorite Holiday Dog Treat Recipes

Don't make your dog wait for holiday scraps. TREAT your dog with homemade holiday recipes. Make them a batch while you're cooking holiday goods for your family, so they can enjoy something tasty and special too. Here are 6 of our favorite holiday recipes.

Peanut Butter Pumpkin Dog Treats  

We haven't met a dog that doesn't like peanut putter. Plus, there's pumpkin, so they can get in on Thanksgiving feasting too!

Sweet Potato Holiday Dog Treats

Um, doesn't this just sound delicious? Sweet potato gives it that sugar kick and the additional peanut butter will make this one of your dog's favorite new treats. 

Apple Cranberry Dog Treats

Healthy and simple. Your dog won't be disappointed!

Homemade Gingerbread Dog Treats 

Grab your gingerbread cookie and your freshly made gingerbread dog treat for a little best friend bonding time. 

Snickerdoodles Dog Biscuit Recipe

Your dog will go crazy for these snickerdoodle dog biscuits! They taste as heavenly as they sound. 

Peppermint Pinwheel Dog Treats

A tiny bit of peppermint, banana, and other yummy ingredients. It'll leave your dog's breath a bit more fresh and their tummy a bit more happy. *Note: We prefer to leave out any food coloring. 


Disclaimer: As with all dog food, please check with your vet if your dog has any allergies and sensitivities. 

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