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Ginger, the African Princess

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Ginger, the African Princess

Hi, I am Ginger. I was born and bred in Ethiopia, but my birth parents are an American Viszla and an American Pitbull that immigrated to Ethiopia to find a better life for themselves. Let’s face it, the food in Ethiopia for dogs is so much better than America. In America, they feed dogs these hard round balls, here I get fresh meat, eggs and bones every day. My mom tries to sneak some veggies and rice in there too, but that’s okay.

My adopted parents are also American humans and I have no idea why they immigrated to Ethiopia. The food for humans here looks far worse. I still haven’t gotten their really names since they both call each other “Babe.” My human Mom is not as fun as my human dad. He plays with me, takes me on walks and throws stuff for me to catch. Mom sits in her chair and looks at a bunch words on paper. Boring.

I spend most of my time eating, napping, cuddling with  mom and chasing the chickens. I love walks but it is hard to get my dad to walk fast enough. The best part of my day is when I hear the car pulling in the driveway and the gate unlatching. I dart around the back of the house to greet my dad. On the weekends we all cuddle in our chairs.

That’s a snapshot of me. I am Ginger, the African Princess. 


To see more pictures of me and hear more about my wild adventures in Ethiopia, follow my adopted mom @elizabeth.j.w.spencer (instagram) and at 

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