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Prioritizing Your Dog's Health with Pet Insurance

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Prioritizing Your Dog's Health with Pet Insurance

Recently, we've had several Paw Tribe friends tell us about unexpected health issues with their pups - from surgeries, paw injuries, leg problems, ear infections, etc. Trips to the vet are not only nerve wrecking for both petrents and dogs, but they also add up over time! This got us researching vet services, comparing prices, and looking at various pet insurance plans on the market. 

If you haven't considered pet insurance, it's something to take a look at. We aren't pushing a specific insurance or selling anything, but since we recently discovered this, we wanted to share with our community to help you save money and to keep your dog healthy! We definitely wish we had known about it much earlier. 

Pet insurance options, across the United States*, include the following: 

  • Lifetime 
  • Accident Only
  • Pet Wellness 
  • Time-Limited 
  • Maximum Benefit 

Through our research, we found Petlife Today's excellent and free Guide to Pet Insurance. It helps walk you through the best plans and options to meet your needs. 

In addition,, offers a review of some of the Best Pet Insurance companies in the US. We definitely advise you to do your own research and talk to other furry friend petrents as different States may offer different plans. 

We hope these two resources give you a quick overview of pet insurance and answer a majority of the questions you may have surrounding it. 

Also, if you have pet insurance that you love, we'd love to hear about it! 

*If you're not in the US, check to see what pet insurance plans are offered in your country.  

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