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    Style your Pup

    in Ethically-Made Goods


    Ethically-Made Style

    For Your Dog's Personality. Globally-Inspired, One-of-a-kind

    Take a Peek

    Having trouble finding one-of-a-kind goods that fit your dog's personality AND is ethically-made? 

    We did too. So, we created The Paw Tribe. 

    Our dog accessories will make your dog LOOK GOOD & FEEL GOOD without compromising on style. 

    Whether your dog thinks they are superman, a rockstar, a helper or the leader of the pack -- we've got you! We offer an array of designs that help accentuate your dog's personality. 

    Your Impact

    Your Impact

    - Kenyan & Ethiopian artisans are given employment opportunities & paid fair wages. 

    - 10% proceeds are donated to rescue centers and other animal NGOs. 

    Learn more on ethical design, artisan empowerment, materials, and social impact in About Us. 


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    Read what our happy dog tribe has to say about our goods in the testimonials link below. 

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    • July 14, 2020 How to Teach Your Dog Tricks!
      How to Teach Your Dog Tricks!

      Still stuck at home? Running out of things to do with your dog (although let's be honest, snuggling is never boring!)? Need to channel that extra energy? Why not take some time to focus on obedience work and trick training with your pup? Working your dog’s mind in this way helps them stay active and engaged and will help build the bond that you already share. 

    • July 03, 2020 Preparing your Dogs for Fireworks
      Preparing your Dogs for Fireworks The period around July 4th can become quite stressful and anxious for dogs as they hear the pops and sounds of fireworks. As many of you may have experienced, your dog may start to frantically run around, bark incessantly, pant, whine, or become restlessness.  Here are some firework safety tips for your dog! 
    • June 17, 2020 Keeping Your Dog Cool!
      Keeping Your Dog Cool!

      7 ways to keep your dog cool. It's starting to get hot & sticky (depending on where you are) outside! While we love this weather, we also know how easy it is for dogs to get overheated. Here are some easy ways to keep your dog staying cool, especially if you're outside for a long time with no easy cover! *Hint* Grab one of The Paw Tribe's cotton bandanas and soak it in cold water. Wrap it around your dog's neck or drape it on their bodies. 


    • June 07, 2020 Black-owned Pet Brands We Love!
      Black-owned Pet Brands We Love!

      Hey Paw Tribe, 

      Check out these amazing black-owned pet brands we love -- from yummy meals to toys to clothes, your dog will feel super loved! 

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