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Our pet products are ethically crafted by artisans in Kenya and Ethiopia. We use the highest quality materials to ensure your pet is happy and healthy. 





The exquisite beading of our products is produced by master Masai beaders who have carried down this technique for decades. Our women beaders are afforded the opportunity to work at home, so that they can simultaneously provide childcare and work on their farms if needed. The beading is an additional income source for these women, who are excited to be sharing their cultural designs with the world. 

Bead Color Meanings

  • Black: reminder of the process of people's struggle
  • Blue: energy 
  • Green: health and land
  • Orange / yellow: hospitality and warmth
  • Red: unity, bravery and strength
  • White: purity 



Our master leather crafter and his staff work efficiently out of a workshop on the outskirts of Kenya's capital city, Nairobi. Here, he coordinates with the women beaders to create beautiful products as such our beaded collars. He is currently looking to expand and purchase additional machinery to support his growing enterprise. 



Our current collections feature Kenyan cloth that are produced on looms at workshops and / or  in factories in the country. These workshops and factories employ both men and women in the community. The cloth we source is traditionally Kenyan and can be seen while traveling across the country -- whether at the beach, in the city, or on safari. 


Read more about the beautiful country and the craftsmanship on our design inspiration page. 





Our leather workshop, located in Ethiopia's capital city of Addis Ababa, is quietly tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city's busy streets. Established by a former circus performer, he is now known as one of the best leather crafters in town. He currently trains and employs over 20 women and men full-time and is committed to sending disadvantaged staff's children to school. His goal is to expand his workshop, create more employment opportunities, and to purchase new machinery, including a generator (as the electricity is unpredictable)! 

The leather is sourced responsibly from tanneries in and around Ethiopia and we use "leftover" leather when we can. Our leather is a byproduct of the larger supply chain. 



At the heart of our sewing site, are several dedicated women who typically tailor Ethiopian-inspired evening gowns and wedding dresses for clientele across the globe. For Paw Tribe, they work to create beautiful bowties, adjustable ties, and dog bandanas. We are thrilled to be partnered with these designers and women. 



Ethiopia is renowned for their intricate weaving skills that has been passed down from generation to generation. These incredible male weavers, who are often ostracized by their own community, produce incredible high-quality pieces on the handloom. They are able to support their families with this age-old technique through purchases like yours. Behind the scenes are also the women that spin, wind, and finish the cotton for weaving.

We are currently sourcing our woven cloth from two weaving groups in Ethiopia, including Sabahar, a fair trade organization that employs over 70 individuals and hand makes all their products from natural fibers.


To learn more about Ethiopia and to see pictures, visit our design inspiration page. 



We use quality & stylish materials to ensure the best care and look for your pet. 

Textiles: we travel everywhere to collect the most stylish textiles from around the world
Leather: sourced from eco-friendly tanneries in Ethiopia and Kenya
Brass: sturdy and safe hardware, made in the USA 
Beads: glass beads are produced in Czech Republic