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Our collars are made from the finest leathers produced in East Africa and are designed to last for years to come. With any natural product, leather collars need care and we highly recommend that you protect your collar for long lasting wear. 

We use two types of leather at The Paw Tribe -- full-grain old tanned and sheepskin. 


For both types of leather, we recommended that you condition the leather prior to the first wear. There are many products on the market, but we highly recommend the Vectra Spray and Bickmore products

To condition, use a soft, clean cloth to apply a small amount of a leather conditioner to protect it from water and the elements. Take a second clean cloth and buff the collar to a shine. You can apply a water and stain repellent product after conditioning. These come in direct application or spray types. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations for these products to avoid leather discoloration or damage. 

Cleaning & General Maintenance 

There are many different leather cleaners on the market, including Bickmore products. The cleaner should be pH balanced as acidic or alkaline products may react with the chemicals in the finish.

One of the most common and inexpensive choices is saddle soap. Dip a clean, lightly dampened (remember damp not wet, as water can damage the leather over time!) cloth into the saddle soap and rub the soap into the leather so that it penetrates into the collar. Allow the soap to dry on the collar. You can follow up by buffing the collar with a clean soft, cloth. Let the collar air dry indoors (sun will cause damage) before storing. 

Once the collar is cleaned to your liking, it is recommended to recondition the leather to keep it soft.