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Read what some of our customers have to say about The Paw Tribe's products: 

"Our beaded leash has held up to being dragged through the mud, around the dog park, in torrential rains and still looks 100%. I also love how even after the leather gets wet and it dries, it regains its integrity of texture and softness too! Plus, the d-ring hook by the handle is perfect for the poop bag holder. So, basically, I'm a little obsessed with it. Also, our pup loves his Paw Tribe dog bed so much, he won't get off of it."   -Madison I., Washington, DC. 


"I fell in love with The Paw Tribe as soon as I heard about their impact and saw their collars online. First I was impressed how fast they shipped, my first (of many) orders was at Christmas time and it came in the week. Second, their packaging! It comes in a nice box and a bag inside. Third, the products. Winston has had his collars for a year now and it still looks good. The bow ties and ties are great quality and look so handsome. We then adopted our second Dog, Luna. And of course she needed her collars too (they have their daily and dress up). Her neck is a little weird and The Paw Tribe was great at helping us pick out the perfect size for her. Their customer care is top notch. They respond fast, and help answer any and all questions." -Katharine K., Texas 


"My dog Max LOVES his new dog bed. He used to only sleep on our bed because he hated other dog beds, but now that he's got this one, he likes to cuddle up on the floor next to us in it almost all night. It's such a beautiful pattern and so unique compared to the standard beds I usually see in stores!" - Kathryn L., Chicago.