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What does Ethically Made mean?

The Paw Tribe believes we can all make a difference.

We are committed to disrupting the status quo of the pet industry by bringing you ethically made products. But, what does this really mean? 

It means we have chosen to build a brand that puts the good of people first. We work with those along the supply chain that align with our values of sourcing and crafting. This means: 

  • Good working conditions (we ourselves have spent days alongside our artisans in our workshops) 
  • Wages that are not only fair, but above average
  • Flexible working environments. Our women beaders in Kenya often work from home & our artisans in Ethiopia can set their schedules during the day.
  • Our leather is a byproduct of the larger industry in Ethiopia and Kenya and we work with tanneries that have water treatment plants
  • Empowering women and men in developing countries, especially youth enrolled at technical vocational schools, by creating sustainable jobs
  • Giving back to the communities that we work in and supporting animal rescue centers around the world

We are excited to be able to offer you ethically-made goods that you and your pet can feel good about! Remember, a happy dog = healthy dog!