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We are here to help! If you have specific questions that are not answered below, please contact us at 



Our Style-Release Dog Collars with the fast-release buckles are offered in four adjustable sizes for the neck -- small, medium, large, and x-large. 



The buckle-only dog collars are offered in three adjustable sizes for the neck -- small, medium, and large.


A properly fitting dog collar should be snug & not tight. Use a flexible measuring take to measure your dog's neck. The measuring tape should be snug against your dog's neck with 1 or 2 fingers placed between the measuring tape and their neck. Use that measurement to determine what size you need to purchase. 



The dog bow ties are 2.5" in height and 5.5" in width. They are one size fits all and can slide easily onto most small, medium, and large collars. Each bow tie has two elastic loops on the back. 



Bandanas are offered in two sizes. We recommend sizing up, when in doubt. 

Small / Medium: 16" x 16" square

Medium / Large: 20" x 20" square



Our three bed sizes are listed below. To determine the most comfortable size bed for your loved one, we recommend that you measure your sleeping pet and add several inches depending on whether your pet likes to stretch out or curl up. 

Small - 24' x 20' x 4'

Medium - 30' x 24' x 4'

Large - 36' x 30' x 5'