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(Photo: Gheralta, Ethiopia)


As one of the fastest growing economies in the world, Ethiopia is ripe with opportunity, growth, and creativity. Outside of the capital city Addis Ababa, you cannot escape Ethiopia's natural beauty and dynamic terrain -- from the colorful sulfuric acidic land in the Danakil Desert to the luscious green landscape in the Simien Mountains to the mountain landscapes in the region of Tigray to the coffee fields in the South. 


However, at the heart of this country, are the people and their rich history and traditions. Craftsmen have been weaving hand-grown cotton in Ethiopia for over 3000 years on age-old looms. This beautiful art has been passed down generation to generation and today there are approximately 500,000 to 700,000 weavers, which has since expanded to women. Some weaves are quite simple, but others like the ones featured on our products can take several days to weave. The more intricate the design, the longer the process.


We have completely fallen in love with this long weaving process and handmade designs and hope that your furry friend enjoys showcasing them as much as we drool over them! 


(Photo: Hawsien, Ethiopia)


(Photo: Bahir Dar, Ethiopia)