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Confused? My Dad is Talking to My Mom’s Belly.

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Confused? My Dad is Talking to My Mom’s Belly.

Dear Paw Tribe,

Thank you for offering me the support I need in this human dominated world. I am afraid that a very serious matter has been increasingly coming to my attention but now the truth is undeniable; my mom’s tummy just keeps growing and I afraid it’s all the those Cheez-its she brings in suitcases from America.

But let me start at the beginning since I have been noting my mom’s strange behavior for some time. The day I arrived at my new home my mom was hugging the toilet far to much for a human. I mean, I love the toilet and appreciate drinking out of the toilet as well as bobbing for apples in the toilet, but my mom would make all kinds of noise and throw up food in the toilet. In those first weeks, she sure spent a lot of time on the couch and wore a lot of PJs. Every time she got near food she would start heaving and run for the bathroom. I was wishing that she would share a little of that food with me since she was obviously not interested.

That strange behavior went away slowly, but soon I noticed another set of behavior that I honestly more concerning.

About a month ago I noticed that my mom’s tummy was sticking out. At first, I was just thankful that she was eating again, but then the tummy just kept growing and she just kept eating. I have made a number of attempts to steal her food from the table or out of the kitchen, but I am sad to report that all my attempts failed. I just want to send my mom message that she needs to slow down on the eating.

Now, you aren’t going to believe this, but I think my dad actually likes her belly. I have caught him a few time actually talking to the bellying like its a person. I am ashamed to even mention this in a public forum but my dad actually kisses my mom’s big belly. Gross.

I need help. I worried that my mom’s belly is going to get so big that there won’t be any room for me in her lap. What can I do to help my mom’s belly stop growing.


Licks and tricks,

Ginger, the African Princess


To see more pictures of me and hear more about my wild adventures in Ethiopia, follow my adopted mom @elizabeth.j.w.spencer (instagram) and at 



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