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Hide-and-seek with chickens or so I thought....

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Hide-and-seek with chickens or so I thought....

Dear The Paw Tribe, 

Thank you for my new collar. The collar my mom had for me before was very plain, but the leather and beading on this one is more my style.

But, the reason I am writing is for some advice. I accidentally killed one of my mom's chickens. Yes, I know it's horrible, but I didn't mean to. I thought the chickens were playing hide-and-seek with me. I got caught up in the excitement of feathers flying in every direction and squawking chickens running in circles that I lost control. I had been trying to get into the chicken house for weeks and finally I managed under the wires. I felt so clever and victory was sweet until my mom was screaming and crying and a chicken was laying upside down covered in blood. Only then did I realize what I had done. 

Now my mom won't talk to me. She fed me cold rice for dinner last night and sent me to my room. I figured today would be better but she wouldn't even pet me in her chair this morning while she drank her coffee. I feel rejected. She keeps calling me bad dog. What can I do to win the affection of my mom again? Fortunately, my dad still loves. Please I need your help. 

Sincerely with puppy eyes, 

Ginger, the African Princess 


To see more pictures of me and hear more about my wild adventures in Ethiopia, follow my adopted mom @elizabeth.j.w.spencer (instagram) and at 

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