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Review of The Paw Tribe by Fair Fashion Finds

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Review of The Paw Tribe by Fair Fashion Finds

Hey Tribe Friends, 

We recently learned of Fair Fashion Finds, a blog dedicated to living a more ethical lifestyle. Our friend, Audrey, at Fair Fashion Finds is bringing awareness of the effects of fast fashion and highlighting some of her favorite fair trade and ethical companies on her blog. We love her passion and are excited to follow along to see her picks for home, fashion, accessories, and much more! 

We partnered with her to share what she thought about The Paw Tribe after receiving and using our goods. Some of her blog is reposted below with permission from Audrey @ Fair Fashion Finds. Visit her blog to read more! 

- - - - - -

"Calling all pet lovers! This blog post is for you! A couple of months ago, my puppy Teddy chewed up his fabric collar and I needed to find a new one. This got me thinking...hmm I wonder if there are any ethical companies out there specifically geared toward pets? Well thankfully I found the The Paw Tribe! The Paw Tribe is a company that partners with artisans in East Africa and they make the cutest handmade collars, leashes, toy baskets etc!

The Paw Tribe's company values and incredible quality products are what make them so attractive to me - they truly recognize the importance of people and are taking a stand against the status quo of the pet industry by refusing to exploit others for gain.

How awesome is that?!? Not only do they have awesome company values, they make quality products that are so CUTE! Look at this precious bandana! Teddy is wearing the Sparklers Bandana in the picture below. The Paw Tribe has tons of bandanas and bow ties in different colors and designs to choose from!

I am so impressed by their leather collars and leashes which are hand beaded by artisans in East Africa. This beading is done by master Masai beaders in Kenya who have passed down this technique for years and years. My favorite collar is the Manhattan Style-Release Dog Collar. As you can see, this is a black and white design but they have lots of different colorful designs and styles to choose from if you prefer a pop of color on your dog.

The intricate beadwork on this collar is amazing and I love classic look of the black and white design paired with the brass furnishings! The collar is super durable too! The Paw Tribe's Style-Release design is awesome because if you have a wiggly puppy (like me) it makes it super easy to take on and off plus this type of collar is required by most doggy daycares. They have a helpful sizing guide on their website which helps you determine the exact size collar you will need for your dog. Plus, each of the Style-Release collars is adjustable which is great for Teddy since his neck size changes depending on his haircut and how fluffy he gets.

Look at this amazing beaded detail on this collar! Love!!!

They also have hand crafted toy baskets! These baskets are hand woven by women in Kenya and were traditionally used to help them carry produce and other heavy items from the farms. I am obsessed with this Desert Sky Toy Basket! The Desert Sky, Safari and Little Toy Basket are all on sale now for only $25!!! It is a really nice size (10'x10'x10') and I was able to fit a small bag of dog food, treats and toys in this basket.

I'm always so encouraged when I find a new company that is doing the right thing and making a difference in the world! If your pet is needing a new collar, leash or maybe they just chewed up their bed (again! haha) check out The Paw Tribe's website and let me know what your favorite products are [...]."

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