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What Kind of Dog Parent Are You?

Our parenting styles vary when it comes to our pups. Sometimes it’s an accentuation of our own personalities and lifestyle and other times it’s a blend of all the styles! Read below to determine your dog mama or dog dad parenting style.



Your dog is your baby and AN ABSOLUTE MEMBER of your family. If people don’t get that, they can walk away. As the super parent, your dog’s wellness is your number one priority. They get the healthiest and best meals, even if it means an extra 30 minutes of cooking dinner. You like to keep their energy and minds active and hence, look for toys that are educational, rugged, and waterproof. You’re always giving out tips and advice to dog friends. Like the helicopter and adventure parent – your dog always goes on vacation with you. If you have to leave them, you only leave them in the care of the best dog hotel or with friends that you trust. Your furry one has scheduled vet visits for the next year and you always have back-up up dog supplies in the car and in the house. You make sure they have treats, but you keep it rationed to ensure they stay healthy. Your dogs are in every official family portrait, because duhhhhh…. they are part of the family!  The Paw Tribe recommendation: a fur mama shirt or dog dad baseball tee and to make your dog feel the most special our Serengeti Collar. 



Is your dog all over Instagram with the latest trending bandanas, bow ties, collars, sweaters, and whatever else is new? Are you always looking for the newest dog brands, gadgets, and foods? We bet your dog is almost as, if not more, stylish than you are -- after all they have to keep up with you! Your dog is well-known in the community for being the best dressed on the block and you love documenting it all, which means taking a lot of stops when you’re out to make sure the world is blessed to see. The saying, “I work hard so my dog can have nice things” is your motto. You’re not sure how much you spend on your dog’s accessories, but hey, they look adorable in all your selfies. You love twinning with your dog (scrunchie and bandana, anyone?) and Halloween costumes and Christmas outfits are always planned months ahead. Toys (and sometimes treats) are chosen based on the cuteness factor. Your dog always knows their birthday because it’s usually a wild pawty complete with party hats and maybe a tiara. The Paw tribe Recommendation: Our Manhattan Collar and Leash because it’s trendy never goes out of style. Also, be on the look-out for our new twinning brass bracelets in Spring 2021.



You love your dog so much, they are always by your side! Sometimes it’s hard for your friends to distinguish whether they are the protector or if you are. You don’t mind when your dog follows you to every room of the house because after all they are your “bestest friend.” In fact, you love it when they do. When you leave the house, the pet cam is always turned on so you can watch them; and if your work allows it, you take them into the office (why wait til Take Your Dog to Work Day?). Snuggling with your dog is your favorite thing to do. When you go on an adventure, you always have the water, seat buckles, and floating device ready! You make sure they get just the right amount of food and treats so they don’t overeat AND you always choose the most age-appropriate educational toys for your dog. Training is key (cue puppy classes)! Your furry one always comes when called and can do more tricks than all the dogs on Tik Tok combined. You jumped with joy when you got your smart GPS tracker collar because it allowed you to monitor your dog 24/7 and you never let your dog leave the house without it. The Paw Tribe Recommendation: Check out our Leashes to keep your dog close and our Baseball Fist-Bump Tee or our  Fur Mama Shirt. 



 Your dog is always ready for an adventure and loves to be outside (shh…. they probably picked it up from you!) You take them everywhere with you and plan your hikes, camping, vacations, and brunch spots based on whether it’s dog-friendly. Anywhere and everywhere is an option as long as dogs are allowed! You also love exploring different dog parks and dog cafes and your favorite time of the day is taking your dog for a jog (you never miss a day). You feed your dog all the super nutritious foods to make sure they have enough energy to keep up, which means a lot of research on wholesome dog diets! All the dog essentials are ready-to-go and consist of the latest high-tech dog gear, bandanas, tick and flea collar, water bowls, etc. Your dog is great at challenging tricks and knows more about forest and mountain animals than most humans. You always have a Plan B. The Paw Tribe Recommendation: Bandanas or our sturdy fast-release leather collar. For dog dads, we also recommend our dog fist-bump baseball tee



You love your dog, but you also love a clean and organized house! This means cute storages for all their dog toys and food, hooks for leashes and collars, and a separate dog bed, so they don’t get their hair all over the furniture. You always have a lint roller in your hand and you probably chose your dog based on whether they were long-haired or short-haired. You are up-to-date on all the latest shampoos, brushes, flea and tick collars and you keep a stash of pet cleaning products just in case. You always have to get the best chew toys, so they don’t end up chewing your shoes or the furniture. You wipe or hose down your dog before they enter the house after a muddy play date. Your dog probably gets more baths than his friends (and as a result always smells the best during cuddles). The Paw Tribe Recommendation Toy Basket 



Your number one priority is letting your dog have fun! Most of the time, you and your dog just hang out doing whatever feels right (spontaneity is joy!). You let them run, roam, make friends and don’t like to hold them back. You take them to all the dog cafes and would prefer not to have a fence if you don’t have to have one. On your pup’s birthday, it’s a free for all and you pretty much let them do whatever they want -- all the table scraps, jumping, favorite spot on the couch, etc. When you take your dog to the park to meet new friends, you’re not too worried about whether they will get along with other dogs, after all, they’ll just run, greet, sniff, and play, right? Your dog’s barking doesn’t bother you because you’re happy that they are happy singing. Let them express their feelings! You don’t obsess over new toys or gadgets because sticks and rocks make great nature toys.  The Paw Tribe Recommendation: our Rainbow Collar, Coachella Collar, or Lollapalooza Collar to channel that free-flowing energy!