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Black-owned Pet Brands We Love!

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Black-owned Pet Brands We Love!

Hey Paw Tribe, 

Check out these amazing black-owned pet brands we love -- from yummy meals to toys to clothes, your dog will feel super loved! 

Pet Plate 

If you haven't heard of Pet Plate yet, head to their site ASAP! Pet Plate provides healthy, fresh-cooked, and personalized meals for dogs, delivered right to your door! Their website is easy and fun to use. Inspired by his dog Winston, founder Renaldo Webb, started cooking healthy meals when he discovered was was being used to make traditional dog food. Since he's started the company, they have served over 9 million meals. 


Do you struggle to get your dog to eat food? Does your dog suffer from diabetes, obesity, or pancreatitis? If so, you must try Enjoy-A-Bowl, an innovative two tiered stack bowl to entice your dog (or cat) to eat healthily. Invented by the brilliant veterinarian Dr. Joe Owens, Enjoy-A-Bowl comes in two sizes and various colors. 

House Dogge

Sustainable, chic, and fun, House Dogge makes beautiful and chewy tug toys, in addition to stylish bandanas, doggy-tees, and hoodies. House Dogge was founded by Angela Medlin from Portland, Oregon, a designer with extensive experience with major brands like Nike and Adidas. 

Ava's Pet Palace 

Started by Ava Dorsey, a 12-year-old kidpreneur (when she was 8 years old), Ava’s Pet Palace treats are made in small batches and are 100% organic. She offers various types of treats including salmon snacks, cheese bites, and peanut butter cookies! 


Although not technically a pet brand, they do make a dog wool toy that's made of 100% wool, is super soft, and eco-friendly! In addition, their "dryer balls" make great toys as well. 

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