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Keeping Your Dog Cool!

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Keeping Your Dog Cool!

It's starting to get hot & sticky (depending on where you are) outside! While we love this weather, we also know how easy it is for dogs to get overheated. Here are some easy ways to keep your dog staying cool, especially if you're outside for a long time with no easy cover! 

1) Grab one of The Paw Tribe's cotton bandanas and soak it in cold water. Wrap it around your dog's neck or drape it on their bodies. Want to take it up a notch? There are dog cooling vests that you can purchase, such as one of our favorites --- the Ruffwear Swamp Cooling Vest. 

2) Soak a towel or mat in cold water. Your dog will love laying on it! Another option is the Cool Pet Pad by The Green Pet Shop. 

3) Hose your dog, if you're already outside! If you have a sprinkler system, turn it on for your dog to play in. 

4) Pick-up a kid's splash pool for your dog to cool off in. If you're looking for a portable pool, specifically made for dogs, here's a great option from 

5) If you know you're heading out for a hot day with your dog, freeze a water bottle the night before and pop it into their water bowl to cool it down. We also love these chill out ice dog toys that provide a cooling sensation for your dog. *Note: don't ever leave your dog unattended with a plastic water bottle as ingesting plastic can be a hazard! 

6) If you have a cooler handy, make a pupsicle snack. This banana pupsicle recipe is one of our dogs' favorite and easy to make! 

7) Want to create easy shade for your dog? Grab an umbrella on your way out the door.  

Last, but NOT least, make sure your dog stays hydrated and drinks a lot of water! Grab a portable pet water bowl (we like the silicon ones because they are light) or a  dog-activated water fountain by Pawcet, which is an easy and fun way for your dog to get some H2O! 

Comments on this post (2)

  • Jun 30, 2020

    Julie, that’s such a great idea! Thanks for sharing! We have heard the vet mention this before, but haven’t attempted — probably because we don’t trust our hair styling skills. So glad to hear that your golden was happy (and cool) and that his hair grew back fine! :)

    — Lisa

  • Jun 30, 2020

    My Vet suggested shaving my Golden’s hair for the summer. My dog was so happy with his summer cut ! Do not shave it to close as they can get sunburned. His hair grew back just fine. Thank You ,

    — Julie Braswell

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