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Keeping Your Dog Cool!

Keeping Your Dog Cool!

7 ways to keep your dog cool. It's starting to get hot & sticky (depending on where you are) outside! While we love this weather, we also know how easy it is for dogs to get overheated. Here are some easy ways to keep your dog staying cool, especially if you're outside for a long time with no easy cover! *Hint* Grab one of The Paw Tribe's cotton bandanas and soak it in cold water. Wrap it around your dog's neck or drape it on their bodies. 


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Snapshots of Ginger's Life in Ethiopia

Dear Paw Tribe friends, 

Sharing some snaps of my life in Mekelle, Ethiopia (in the north!).

Me and my American mom. Isn't she just the sweetest? 


Cruising around the streets in the coolest ride in town. 


My American dad. He's the best at belly rubs. 


Life is never a dull moment in our household.... from electricity breaks to water outages, there's always something to fix and always someone I can give snuggles to. That's our house and my yard. 

 Read below for my birth story. 


To see more pictures of me and hear more about my wild adventures in Ethiopia, follow my adopted mom @elizabeth.j.w.spencer (instagram) and at 

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