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4 Fun Ways to Spoil Your Dog

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4 Fun Ways to Spoil Your Dog

Are you always looking for ways to make your dog feel extra special? If so, you're not alone! While we've shared ways to show appreciation for your furry ones in the past (see our Pet Appreciation post), here are some other fun things that our dogs love. 

1. All Day Adventure. Although most of us have been joined at the hips with our dogs the past several months, dogs are always up for an adventure and something new! Plan an all day adventure or a series of mini adventures with your dog(s) to get their senses stimulated. We know it may be a bit difficult getting outdoors given varying COVID restrictions, so please stay safe and exercise outdoor activities only if you're able to! Some things you could do on an all day adventure --

  • Go for a ride in the car. Even a short drive around the neighborhood will be fun for them. 
  • Take your dog to the park for some "dog, squirrel, and bird watching." If your local parks aren't open, check out your neighborhood public schools, as they usually have open spaces. This will give your dog a change of scenery. 
  • Have a picnic in your backyard with your dog's favorite foods
  • Take your dog on a long hike or a run
  • Let your dog enjoy some swim time in a lake or pool
  • Bring your dog on a kayak trip (yes, it's possible and it's fun!) 

2. Give Your Dog a Massage. It may not be possible for everyone to take their pup to the salon or dog spa right now, but you can easily give your dog a massage to relax them or ease their sore muscles. Massaging your dog helps improve their flexibility and can decrease any pain in the joints. Use sweeping motions along your dog’s body, avoiding any areas they don't like being touched.

3. Frozen Treats. Frozen treats are easy to make and you can put almost any of your dog's favorite foods in the freezer such as peanut butter, bananas, yogurt, pineapple, etc. Give it to them straight or put it in a toy such as the Kong. If you want to make your own frozen treats, we love these easy and quick recipes from the Buzzfeed. 

4. New Pet Gear or Toys. We'd usually recommend taking your dog to the pet store and letting them pick out some swag or treats. That's a bit hard right now, so we recommend checking out some of the small business and black-owned dog brands we've highlighted in previous posts. There's something for every type of dog personality!

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