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Ultimate Dog Training Guide for New Petrents

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Ultimate Dog Training Guide for New Petrents

As many of you know, welcoming new dogs into our homes has been on the rise since COVID-19 began. Our friends over at Breed Advisor have put together a comprehensive guide for new dog owners. Below's a snippet of their guide, but head over to their site to get the full download

The step-by-step guide covers everything you need to know about training your new furry friend including:

  • Common dog training myths
  • Helpful training tips
  • Basic commands
  • Common mistakes novice dog owners make
  • Additional tips for navigating life with a canine

We found their 13 Expert-Approved General Dog Training Tips to be particularly helpful. 

  1. Schedule short training sessions each day
  2. Start with your dog's name 
  3. Get to know your pup to personalize your training program 
  4. Offer plenty of praise 
  5. Don't overemphasize bad behavior 
  6. Be consistent 
  7. Address your dog's behavior right away 
  8. Pay attention to your dog's body language 
  9. Invest in various types of chew toys 
  10. Give you canine space '
  11. Set realistic expectations 
  12. Make training a collaborative effort 
  13. Determine how much food your canine needs 

Want to learn more and view some helpful videos? Head over to Breed Advisor

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